VAr-Min series

VAr-Min Capacitor Controller

Valquest Systems, Inc. offers the VAr-Min™ series state-of-the-art smart capacitor controls with industry standard meter base connectors for 'plug & play' operation in your smart grid application.

These capacitor controls incorporate proven microcontroller technology, on-screen programming and monitoring, plus a USB port for communication to a PC. Communication hardware options include Ethernet, fiber-optic, wireless, radio, cellular, and others, plus software protocols Modbus or DNP 3.0.

You can program the VAr-Min through Companion Software (refer to the download to the right), however, programming through the front panel (no PC required) interface is a quick and easy method which covers the majority of switched bank situations. An internal wizard program accepts all necessary information and generates an appropriate algorithm.

The software furnished with each capacitor control system is easy to use yet powerful enough to provide detailed information in report or graphical formats. This information can be viewed, printed, or stored in ASCII or standard spreadsheet formats. Real-time voltage, current, watts, VARs, phase angle and power factor are used with your custom programmed capacitor switching algorithm and other variables to control the on/off capacitor bank switching capabilities.

Both recording parameters and the report generators can be configured for short-term or long-term data recording modes. Multiple data files are supported for long term historical data analysis. The data analyzed is presented as tabular records or graphical waveforms.


  • VX1
  • SR2
  • VT2

Standard Control Schemes

  • kVAr with Voltage override
  • Power factor with Current override
  • Temperature with Voltage override
  • Time with Weekend / Holidays
  • Time with Date modification
  • End of line Voltage correction

User defined control schemes based on:

  • kVAr
  • Power Factor
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Date / Time / Day of week
  • Temperature

Unique Features

    See brochure for details

  • Absolute Switch Position Sensing
  • Anticipated Voltage Switching
  • Delta Voltage based Operation Delay
  • Blown Capacitor Fuse Detection
  • Voltage and Frequency Relaying